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Our Diary 2015

September 15
Started to rebuild patio and lay concrete base
Planters built
Bought water feature
Dug out water feature
Planters rendered
Bottom filled with pea-shingle for drainage
Broke up to make curved edge
Moved stone slabs round

August 15
Removed patio slabs and stored for the vegetable patch
Hired digger to clear site
Lots of rain
Garden messed up

July 15
Lights, pelmet
Pointing for small patio
Replaced LEDs

June 15
Kitchen plinth, cornice etc
New worktop
Finished small patio area
Cooker hood

May 15
Time for a break so did not do too much, minor works on the kitchen and laid the the laminate floor.

April 15
We wrapped the units in plastic and started the very dusty job of removing the floor tiles, all three layers, cutting out the old igloo and preparing the walls for a nice new smooth coat of plaster. Cutting channels in the wall for the new electrics caused huge amounts of dust too.
Plastered the walls and ceiling
Installed the units and appliances
Levelled the floor
Temporary work top

March 15
There was a delay, due to the lorry not wanting to come into the village, but finally the kitchen and applicances have been delivered at the very beginning of the month. After a quick recovery from the operation I was able to build some units against the back wall and very carefully kneel down again. This meant I could slowly get the main cooking area completed and by mid March the back wall of the kitchen was completed. We could then rip out the rest of the kitchen but still remain functional. By the end of the month we had everything out and the sink balanced on units ready to start the final push. The electrics I found behind the units were unbelievable. Who would have guessed the oven was not earthed!

February 15
We had a couple of solid weekends work to get the hallway finished, the usual unexpected issues and old covered features slowing things down. We had to dot and dab some parts and plasterboard across the old doorway into the study before the main wall in the hallway could be plastered. Jason removed the old door frame into the front study including the brickwork above allowing me to fit a new door liner, door and a timber frame above. Karen started the ceremonial removal of the plaster decor in the kitchen so that the back wall could be plastered along with the hallway. I removed the window and frame next to the back door so Jason could brick it up as well as the gap around top of kitchen which had been letting in a very cold draft ever since the ceiling was removed. Jason plastered the hallway, kitchen wall and ceiling before Karen decorated it all. We decided to go for Bosch appliances which we ordered ready for when the kitchen is due to be delivered on Feb 25th. I pulled up two layers of floor tiles along the back wall of the kitchen before I went in for my operation on Friday 13th which unfortunately is now going to put me out of action for many weeks.

January 15
Happy New Year! Having had a nice Christmas it is time to think about the plans for the next project. We continued to finish off the dining room, Karen made pretend curtains and I fitted the architrave, then we decided it was time to start work on the kitchen, having put up with it for eight years. Working on the kitchen however has a knock on effect on the hallway so we had to think about that first. Emma came around and helped me put down a new water pipe and electric cables under the hallway floor. We then took measurements and went to Wickes to have a plan made. We took it away and reconsidered the design and layout. After a few tweeks we went back and placed the order for the kitchen minus the appliances. Our revised plan involved some minor changes to the layout including relocating the light switch, which meant removing the plasterboard on the hallway walls. After everything was put in place we started to prepare the hallway to be plastered. I put up the remaining plasterboard and fixed all the beading including the archway into the kitchen. We stripped off all the plaster and Karen brushed and sealed the brickwork ready for Jason. I saw the plastic surgeon who advised on the surgery I need on my leg which means we are up against a time limit to get things ready before I can't do any work.