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Front Garden

July 2006

When we moved in to York Cottage the front garden was tidy but there were two conifers growing near the boundary undermining the foundations and cracking the wall. They looked like two sentinals and reduced the visibility.

September 2006

In the September our very dear friends Julie and Graham came over with their chainsaw and felled the conifers in the front garden as well as 6 in the back garden. The van became the work horse and took everything into the back garden until we worked out what to do with it. We piled it all on top of the old mound which the previous owners had used for their bonfire.

February 2008

We had a builder remove the old battered fence panel that had been destroyed by the very high winds we get here. He knocked down part of the boundary wall and rebuild it in the existing style. Izzy was very useful in digging up the old foundations and trenching for the new.

October 2009

November 2009