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July 2006
What can I say about the garage? It's a garage! It is a double garage long enough to take a normal size car but the area at the back means that I can get the Volvo in, as well as the the bike, the mower and tools etc. There is a door leading into the back garden and it has an electric roller door. I plan to tidy this up and put in light switches and a door between the garage and the games room.

There is a good roof space that would be ideal to turn into a summer roost for bats.... when time allows.

August 2007
I ordered and fitted a new sensor and remotes for the garage door so that we have enough for all the cars.

September 2007
I have wired up low energy lights into the garage door unit which come on when the door is opened or closed.

October 2009
Due to major problems with the structure of the games room and garage we have had to have the most of the building demolished and rebuilt. This does have the major advantage that we can move the internal walls slightly to make a bigger garage and we can turn the old run-down garage into a nicely fitted workshop. The garage door was carefully removed during the demolition so that it can be refitted at a later date. The single door at the back of the garage has been removed and cut out to allow double doors to be installed so we can drive the mower in and out of the back without moving the cars. The plan is also to raise the floor level by 4 inches to stop the puddle of water collecting in the corner when it rains.

November 2009

The roof was rebuilt and new internal stud walls were erected about a foot further in than previously to allow more room for moving cars in and out. I put in the electrics for lights and sockets including a 32amp feed for a car charging socket ready for when we eventually get electric cars.

December 2009
The walls were insulated and boarded ready for plastering and the garage door was put back and connected. The rear doors were also put in so the next big job is raising the floor level. Unfortunately the wrong doors were put in as we had asked for a low threshold so that the bike and mowers can easily be driven in.

January 2010
SRS Windows came back and replaced the doors and frame at the back garage with a low threshold system. This worked out quite well because the correct doors and frame were ordered and installed which meant that we could buy the incorrect doors at cost price. These will eventually be fitted to the wokshop when it is rebuilt.

February 2010
The walls were plastered and the new concrete floor was laid in three sections.

March 2010
The lights were fitted and the whole room was painted, mainly by Karen.

April 2010

The garage looks great and we can finally put our cars away. The bike has also come home from the barn and stands in the back workshop area where I have also put up some shelves. Now we have the job of moving the tools from the workshop into the new cabinets