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July 2006

Not a lot can be said about the hallway. It had the standard anaglypta wallpaper and artexed ceiling with a large radiator. There was a large step at the bottom of the steps and the hall was short leading to the so called dining room.

September 2010

I removed the step at the bottom of the stairs eady to cut a new doorway into the lounge. The recess next to the doorway is being turned into a service cupboard, I have already moved the fuse board there.

November 2010

We pulled up the flooring and installed the underfloor heating in the hallway and lounge but when we tried to connect these up by running them under the study floor we found that at some point in the past the front bedroom and study had been filled with concrete. The way the joists are positioned under the floor make it difficult to lay the heating pipes and we haven't put down any heat spreader plates.

February 2011

I built the frame and hung the door for the service cupboard and installed the ducting for the hot air system fed by the real fire installed in the lounge.

October 2012

I pulled up the flooring of the dining area to install the underfloor heating but this will eventually become part of the hallway which will be extended to the kitchen.

March 2014

As part of building the dining room I had to remove the framework for the underfloor cupboard and build a new wall to extend the hall along to the kitchen. I removed only enough of the ceiling plasterboard and floor to allow me to build the stud partition. Over the following months I installed cabling for a new light and put up the plasterboard to complete the stud wall, including a new archway into the kitchen.

January 2015

Emma came around and helped me put down a new water pipe and electric cables under the hallway floor. We started to prepare the hallway to be plastered by putting up the remaining plasterboard and fitted all the beading including the archway into the kitchen. We stripped off all the plaster and Karen brushed and sealed the brickwork ready for Jason. I saw the plastic surgeon who advised on the surgery I need on my leg which means we are up against a time limit to get things ready before I can't do any work. The doorway to the front study had to be rebuilt to install the door liner and frame above. Karen sealed the bare walls before the hall could be plastered.
February 2015

Jason plastered the hallway and I fitted the lights before Karen then decorated everything, painting the walls, staining the woodwork and waxing the door. All that remains to be done is to replace the banister, fit the architrave and skirting, and lay the laminate floor. However, due to the plastic surgery on my leg I am now out of action for a few weeks.