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Music Room

July 2006

There was no music room when we moved into the house and no plans to create one, but plans change...

August 2010

While thinking about the changes we want to make to the lounge we also decided that it would be nice to have a separate music room. By re-locating the doors into the lounge we could build a partition wall and change the "step" in the lounge into a new room.

September 2010

As part of the work on the lounge (from which the new music room will be partitioned) I started by removing the carpets which revealed a wooden "stage" which was part of the original building before the lounge was added in 1969. Once the room was empty I started to remove the ceilings, all three of them just like the rest of the lounge.

Of course when I started to pull the away the plasterboard on the walls there were two layers. I also revealed what appears to have been the original door (or maybe only a window) into the room at the centre of the wall where the stairs are now. I cut a new doorway beside that leading to the bottom of the stairs and started to block in the existing arch from the dining area.

October 2010

I removed the wooden stage to reveal the floorboards underneath, along with a large concrete area in the corner with the remains of a metal pipe. On inspecting the old aerial photo of the house we can see that there was a chimney just above this area so it must have originally been where a fire or stove was located. I built the partition wall to create the music room and installed the electrics and second pump for the heating, but on the whole this area was mainly used as a store while we concentrated on the lounge. We did however pull up some floorboards to reveal the original perimeter foundations to the house and also a very damp front wall!

July 2011

The new cupboards arrived and were put in the music room to hold the DVDs, CDs and music books. The only thing left to do is the ceiling hatch but there are much more important things to do first.