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The Next Tasks{</h1>]

Here is a list of the next jobs we have set ourselves (doesn't include things already done):

Side of House
Buy ground cover fabric (done)
Remove the top level earth and tarpaulins (done)
Slope ground away from house (done)
Cut and lay down fabric (done)
Fix fence panel to post (done)
Put edging stones down to hold fabric in place (done)
Collect gravel from back and cover fabric (done)
Buy water diverter and set up 2 water butts (done)
Replace fence and gate
Raise gate by a few inches (done)

Side Gate & Water
Remove old fence panel (done)
Create a threshold
Buy a gate, post & metalwork (done)
Install post and gate to side area (done)

Front of House
Buy new lights (done)
Run power to right side of house
Fit new lights (done)

Front Wall
Remove dog heads from posts (done)
Reverse gate opening to left post
Locate and buy new mirrors
Locate new signs

Front Left Gate
Make up metal plate to rehang gate on post

Build cupboard around boiler (started)
Remove floor (done)
Insulate floor and install UFH
Put down new floor
Remove ceiling
Install new electrics connected to new ring (done)
Fit low energy lights
New ceiling
Fit new door
New carpet

Front Study
Remove concrete floor
Install new suspended floor
Insulate floor and install UFH
Install new electrics connected to new ring
Put down new floor
Fit low energy lights
Fit new door
New carpet

Luke's Room
Replace switch with dimmer for new bulbs (done)

Guest Bedroom
Remove front wall (done)
Re-wire old fuse box into new (done)
Remove floor (done)
Insulate floor and install UFH (done)
Put down new floor (done)
Remove ceiling (done)
Cut new hatch into eaves (done)
Insulate wall, ceiling and eaves (done)
Install new electrics connected to new ring (done)
Remove old electrics (done)
New ceiling (done)
Fit low energy downlights (done)
Plaster (done)
Fit new doors to hatches (done)
Fit new door (done)
Fit cupboard over stairs (done)
Replace window handles and service windows (done)
Redecorate (done)
New carpet (done)

Family Bathroom
Fit underfloor heating (done)
Rip down walls, insulate and replace (done)
Fit new pipework for shower and bath (done)
Plaster (done)
Fit bathroom suite (done)
Decorate (done)
Fit new door (done)
Connect plumbing to hot/cold water (done)
Put in new lights (done)
Fit towel rail (done)
New carpet (done)

Fit new ceilings (done)
Plaster (done)
Fit UFH (done)
Remove wallpaper (done)
Replaster (done)
Decorate (done)
Fit new light (done)
Fit architrave to Luke's room (done)
Fit new skirting (done)
New carpet (done)
New hatch

Fit new ceiling (done)
Fit new light (done)
Remove floor (done)
Insulate and fit UFH (done)
Fit new temporary floor (done)
Remove bottom step (done)
Cut new door into lounge (done)
Fit new water pipe up into loft (done)
Build cupboard around electrics (done)
Replace banister
Remove wallpaper
Fit wooden floor
Fit new front door (done)

Locate and buy a Sweet Chestnut tree (done)
Use Izzy to plant at end of the garden (done)
Locate and buy 20 hazelnut trees (done)
Decide on and buy other trees (done)
Plant all trees in pots until ready for planting (done)
Plant trees (done)
Plant willow
Build Laburnum arch

UF Heating
Buy 50m reel of 60 amp cable (done)
Clear study ready for installation (done)
Purchase 10 zone manifold (done)
Run a cold water feed into study from pipe in eaves (done)
Tidy and secure UH pipes from bedrooms to wall using a bracket (done)
Run 2x 60amp cables from fuse box, up across front bedroom and down into study (done)
System installation (done)

Buy pergola to edge orchard (done)
Buy trellis for pergola (done)
Remove turf from back edge and put around beach hut (done)
Dig trench at back edge (done)
Dig post holes (done)
Erect pergola with trellis (done)
Put in chicken wire to keep out rabbits
Back fill trench (done)
Plant wisteria (done)
Re-dig post holes (done)
Re-erect pergola with trellis using conrete for posts (done)

Vegetable Patch
Locate and measure out dimensions (done)
Purchase posts, panels and gate (done)
Purchase chicken wire (done)
Use Izzy to drill out post holes (done)
Insert and secure posts (done)
Attach chicken wire to panels and bury
Design and create raised beds

Buy 20 metal fence pins and 100m chicken wire (done)
Remove existing green fencing (done)
Cut grass very short along perimeter of laurels (done)
Hammer in pins attach chicken wire and fold out bottom by 10-15 cm (done)
Roll up green fencing and store (done)
Stew any rabbit that tries to eat them again! (in progress!)

Blossom Alley Path
Dog wood (done)
Put in sleepers as edging

Rhododendron Walk (draft)
Buy bark (done)
Buy self compacting gravel
Purchase ground cover fabric (done)
Clear the path leading down to Blossom Alley (done)
Cut conifer trunks to edge path, circle and bench area (done)
Purchase large quantity of bark (done)
Lay fabric under path (done)
Buy "steps" for ends of path (done)
Secure a "step" edge at bottom of path
Cover path in bark (partially done)

Measure required dimensions (done)
Investigate cost made to measure barn (done)
Purchase barn (done)
Level ground and dig perimeter (done)
Fill trench with type 1 (done)
Installation (done)
Put up hangers for staging boards (done)

Measure and count required planks (done)
Order precut treated planks (done)
Remove old wire fencing and store (done)
Remove middle plank and reuse where possible (done)
Fit new planks (done)

Water Butts
Buy water butts (done)
Decide on locations (done)
Buy water diverters (done)
Install (partially done)

House External
Repoint chimney
Repair above lounge window (done)
Replace felt above lounge window (done)
Remove all render and start again (done)
Fit air vent in side of house

Tear down existing porch (done)
Replace front door (done)
Build new porch (done)
Install new light (done)
Tile floor
Replace old beading!

Where do I start?

Front Left Drive
Remove shingle
Dig new foundation for edges
Run power cable in foundation
Set new drive edging
Cover drive with fabric
Cover with new stone

Back Garden Gates
Install post near shed (done)
Buy and install new wooden gates (done)
Remove old gates (done)
Temporary repair on back gate to stop dropping (done)
Rebuild archway which is crumbling
Buy new back gate and replace (done)

Games Room
Paint new render (done)
Paint lower render (done)
Fit outside lights (done)
Trench for waste pipe (done)
Gutters (done)

Sauna Room
Install heater (done)
Clean ceiling beams (done)
Fill ceiling screw holes (done)
Paint ceiling (done)
Put panel over water stop
Paint walls (done)
Fit lights (done)
Finish sauna electrics (done)
Fit skirting (almost done)

Hot Tub Room
Finish laminate floor step into room
Clean ceiling beams
Fill ceiling screw holes
Paint ceiling
Paint walls
Fit lights (done)
Finish hot tub electrics
Install shower (done)
Build shower cubicle (done)
Tile floor
Trench for waste pipe to pit (done)

Games Room Path and Patio
Remove gravel
Dig out foundations
Fill with type 1 and compact
Fit put in new slabs
Turf remaining area

Where do I start?

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