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Nut Bush City

On a VERY cold and windy weekend in mid January 2009 we set about planting 28 hazel trees (and one sweet chestnut) at the end of the field. Emma and Luke were again press-ganged into helping us and with very little complaining they froze as they made the guards to protect them from those damn rabbits! Izzy once again did the hard work of digging out the holes then Karen and I began the planting. Because we couldn't finish the job in one day (due to a late start) we had to finish off on the Sunday, after it had rained all night to make the job particularly muddy and unpleasant. We planted 10 standard hazels (Corylus Avellana) and 6 each of Kentish Cob, Pearsons Prolific and Cosford. Now we are now looking for recipes for hazel nuts!

In October 2009 we ate our first 2 ripe hazel nuts!