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July 2006

The study like all other rooms in the house has got white textured wall paper on top of artexed walls! This is one of the rooms of the original building and there was obviously a damp proplem in this room and damp prevention work has been undertaken. It has got a strange, not particularly well made, DIY corner cupboard which also conceals the waste pipe. Around the top of the waste pipe is a load of expanding foam which has been sprayed to try and stop a leak. There is also strange recess in the wall which has shelves in. The ceiling is thick artex on a layer of plasterboard which has been nailed over another artex covered layer of plasterboard.

February 2007

The study is probably the coldest room in the house and poor Emma is sleeping in this room when she stays over!

November 2008

Having previously removed the corner cupboard where the unit was to be located I ran some hefty electric cables from the new consumer unit up through the loft and down through the eaves to the study. I also had to fit a water supply to allow the new heater unit to be filled. John came in and fitted the Daikin Altherma airsource heat pump unit and connected it to the speedfit underfloor heating manifold I had installed.

At some point in the future I will turn my attentions to this room and will build a cupboard around this unit and redecorate. Not sure what I will do with the shelving alcove.

February 2009

Having removed the expanding foam in November I realised that the leak around the waste pipe had not been fixed and the foam had simply been keeping the water in the roof space and rotting the beams. The leak was actually where the waste pipe comes out of the roof so I climbed up and quickly sealed it. Why couldn't the previous owners have done this instead of spraying foam?

October 2010

When I tried to feed the heating pipes through from the hallway and lounge I hit concrete so it appeared that, like the front bedroom, the room had been filled with concrete to stop the damp. I therefore had to cut a hole through the floor and carpet to trail the pipes across the room to connect to the heating manifold. However, as you can see from this photo taken much later the concrete was actually an old stove or fire place.
September 2012

Started removing the flooring to allow me to feed the heating pipes through to the dining room. I found that the skirting was rotten and the damp work that had been done in this room simply covered up the problem rather than solve it. Luckily we had removed a set of bricks around the whole house and installed a new damp proof course before the rendering was done. I also started building the cupboard frame to house the underfloor heating unit.

October 2012

I removed the rest of the floor so that I could put the heating pipes and a digital aerial cable under the beams. I found that one of the beams has or had a woodworm problem which will need to be replaced. We broke up and removed the concrete block so another beam will need to be put there too. I removed the old wiring which as you can see was typical of what I have found throughout the house, lots of cables all connected by blocks and wrapped in a plastic bag. The new downstairs ring main was extended into this room as well as the dining room. I completed the frame for the cupboard and put up a new ceiling.
March 2013

We installed the insulation and underfloor heating before putting down new flooring. That allowed me to then pull down the ceiling and remove much of the original plaster (filled with horse hair). I found that the light switch cable ran across to the corner of the room where the doorway used to and then ran along the wall to the switch. I ran a new cable across the ceiling then cut a channel down to the light switch.

April 2013

The ceiling was boarded and the room was plastered before we started to decorate. I found a door liner wide enough to fit the deeper wall, although it is an oak veneered frame so we must be careful not to chip or damage it.

May 2013

We finally finished the decorating, including the new door for the cupboard, an oak veneer door liner, and stained skirting and architrave. The ceiling and walls are painted and the gripper rail and underlay are fitted ready for the carpet.

June 2013

The carpet has now been laid and the new furniture has been delivered. I put up a new funky light and hung the door. Now all I need to do is build a set of floor to ceiling shelves and start moving in. Oh, some blinds might also be a good idea.

August 2014

I finally put up oak shelves in the alcove which finished the room nicely.