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Summer House

July 2006

The Summer House, aka Karen's Gin Palace is a good little building which we use as a store for all the garden games and furniture. The interior has definately seen better days with sagging plasterboard and although it does have lights and power fitted the power is actually supplied by a very long extension lead hanging out of the back. The ground under the front porch was just a bare patch of dirt so one of the first jobs I undertook in the garden, with the help of Emma and Luke, was to put up some decking in front so Karen and Anne can sit a drink their pims and gin on summer afternoons.
October 2006

What we have found is that the decking has become home to yet more rabbits. This drives the dog mental because she can see and smell them through the gaps but can not get to them. One day I would like to renovate the inside of this building and put in mains power, however there are many other more pressing jobs.