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Wild Visitors to York Cottage

We have had a variety of creatures wandering around York Cottage, most of which we have been unable to photograph. We saw the badger late one evening when we were having one of our bonfires. It stood at a distance and watched us for a few minutes before scuttling away. The only evidence we have is the badger track which crosses our garden heading off to the farm.

We also had our famous rat in the kitchen, but we were too busy trying to catch it to think about asking it to pose for a family snapshot. Pheasants, wrens, crows, rooks, robins, bats, foxes, mice, moles and hundreds of bloody rabbits frequent the garden and the magpie that nests in our tree even helped itself to one of our chicken eggs! When we eventually get a camera with a zoom lense we will begin to photograph our wild neighbours.

One creature that we were fortunate enough to snap in September 2008 was a small bat that had somehow found its way into our dining room. It flew around for quite some time and we were unable to guide it out of the door. Eventually it was so tired it clung to the ceiling and we were able to photograph it and capture it in a box. We took it outside, put the box on its side and left it to recover and fly off. As a member of the bat conservation trust (a present from Karen) I would love to have somewhere that bats could safely roost. I'm thinking of making an area in the roof of the garage.