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Hot Tub

August 2009
This area was once an extension to the games room but had been removed some time ago. We used it as an unsightly storage area for all the garden rubbish and building materials that we had bought. Things like the huge barrels (water butts) and all the fencing and pergola were stored here and really made the place look messy. Apart from storage it was really a useless area so we decided to re-build the room and make it ready to house a hot tub. I cleared the area and paid Luke to collect up all the pea shingle into the big bulk bags. After peeling back the weed suppressing fabric I put the digger on Izzy and dug out the foundations, 1000mm in the corners where the lintel supports will be and 600mm along the rest. The huge amount of flint in the clay made it a dificult job even for the digger!
September 2009

From starting to build a simple extension to the games room we discovered we had some major structural problems with the whole building and there was no way the current ridge could hold the weight of a new roof. The whole games room and garage had to be rebuilt before we could continue with the games room or the solar panels.

February 2010
The hot tub room is ready to be decorated but we will need to use it as a store room for a while as we work on other parts of the house.
September 2011
We decided on the tiles for the hot tub room and bought them for when we are ready to start putting the shower in place.

December 2011
Jason came and tiled the floor of the shower in the hot tub room so with some luck we can start to use the sauna again in the New Year.

January 2012

We bought the glass blocks and Jason built the shower in the hot tub room and fit the wall tiles. After he installed the shower unit I connected the electrics and we finally had a sauna for the first time in over a year! I had to change to a 50 amp fuse in the house so that it can run the shower and heater at the same time, although we can't run the sauna and shower together without tripping the fuse. As you can see the hot tub room is still acting as a store room while the workshop is being prepared.
June 2012
Emma came over at the beginning of the month and got roped into helping us empty the contents of the hot tub room into workshop. The room looks much larger when empty although the shelves and rubbish is still in there.

January 2013

One year on and we have brought Jason back in to fit the floor and wall tiles ready for the hot tub which we hope we might be able to buy some time this year. The floor needed a layer to ensure the tiles all sloped back to the shower from all directions. Unfortunately we noticed that the bi-fold doors have dropped again and will not open properly again. A real pain! The tiling does look really good so now we just need to paint the ceiling and walls to finish off.

August 2013


October 2013
Having unsuccessfully tested the a 12' long hot tub/swim machine in September we went back and tried it with their tether system. Although not 100% ideal it does seem to work so we placed our order with a hope that it might be installed in January.

January 2014
Two years after it was built we had to dismantle the glass block wall so that the swim machine can be manouevered into place. We can then rebuild the wall. Very depressing! I finished sealing all the edges in the room with silicone and fixed the waterproof sockets to the walls. Unfortunately January has turned out to be a complete washout with constant storms and severe flooding all over the country. This means that the ground is so wet we have had to postpone the installation of the swim machine because the telehandler would churn up the ground and leave the back garden looking like the Somme (much like the cows did to the bottom of the garden).

March 2014